"I want my skin care as effective and simple as possible, while preserving my environment."

Friedemann Seith

Founder and CEO

My story

I wanted to feel better in my skin. Do you?

Until 2016, I was continuously struggling with my skin. It was not until a friend mixed essential oils to a self-made oil serum when I realized: wow, there's actually more to what I have applied to my skin.

But this solution was far from perfect: it was messy, my pillow and skin were greasy, and it was limited in what it could achieve. But I was hooked.

I deepened my research for new skincare products, but I could never find anything where I felt being treated as an equal. I was trapped in a jungle of terminology I could not comprehend. Even more: I assumed I was not supposed to.

I was sure I could not be the only one looking for something beyond what was available to me at the time. Long story short, I decided to build a brand that tackled problems I faced. I wanted to see a brand that brings my skin into balance but also in itself, is a running system built on long-lasting pillars:

- Skincare, that is organic and highly effective.
- A product portfolio that is long-lasting, clear, and uncluttered.
- Terminology that anyone could get behind with.
- Product design that is appealing to all senses, be it smell, feel, or visual.
- A philosophy that reduces our environmental footprint and while growing, does even more for the planet.

But I was no dermatologist or chemist. I was simply highly motivated. I was told not to go develop new products but to take something off the shelf.

I was told I could not do so within less than a year. I was told I could not convince anyone else to see the same advantages that I did. Thousands of customers and hundreds of five-star reviews convinced me: I guess I could.

Today, with FRIEDMANBERLIN, we have built a uni-sex brand that convinced those that wanted to feel better in their skin, too, to join us.

We are joined by everyday workers, makeup artists, barbershops, beauty salons, managers, and artists alike.

I want you to feel better. I want you to enjoy waking up in the morning and going to bed at night. I want to join your journey and be a tiny part of it by providing goods that bring pleasure and calm into your life. 

We start with the goal: what does a product need to achieve? Then we dive into research.   

Regarding product development,

we start with specific briefings that distinguish our formulations right even before the lab starts working. 

Our partners

We want to produce sustainable. 
That requires strong partners.

The product that is delivered to you as never truly just ours. It is the sum of the effort from all our partners.

When we look for partners, we only have three requirements: 

- Outstanding quality, made by hand if possible
- As local as possible
- Sustainably sourced

After various iterations, we found our perfect setup. 

Our scent was developed with and is sourced by Wolfgang Lederhaas in Vienna, Austria. Wolfgang has a tremendous track record of scents and his own beauty products, produced from organic ingredients. 

Our paper processing partner works exclusively with electricity from renewable energy and LED-lights. We use FSC-certified paper or paper made from waste paper. The Euroscale printing inks are vegetable-based and 100% mineral oil-free. 

Our glass bottles are delivered from the Netherlands and are made from recycled glass, protecting its content from harmful UV-rays. 

Finally, the labels are attached by hand and the bottles are packaged in Berlin in partnership with a workshop for the disabled. 

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