That is why you still have bad skin despite a lot of care

The more, the better? Not necessarily.

Just because you take care of your face doesn't mean your skin will look perfect.

Because no matter how good your skincare is, if you don't take care of other areas in your daily routine, you're torpedoing your efforts!

Here are a few suggestions as to why your skin isn't yet looking as good as you'd like:

You change your sheets too infrequently.
If you regularly roll around in the same pillow over and over again without cleaning it, blemished skin is not far away, no matter how well you take care of yourself. After 7 to 10 days it's: next!
You clean your winter jacket and scarves only every 36 months.
Outside it snows and rains, so you like to put on your scarf and turn up the collar, deep in the face. Have you ever wondered how clean the collar of your winter jacket and scarf is after all this time? No? ...
You use too many products and layers of care.
Too much care can harm your skin's appearance. Especially if you change your products frequently and quickly without allowing your skin to adjust to the new conditions, your skin tends to get irritated. Products that are combined without being supposed to can also cause such reactions.
You clean your face with shampoo and shower gel because it is convenient.
The surfactants found in shampoos and shower gels are more thorough and therefore more aggressive than those found in facial cleansers. This causes your skin to dry out and become prone to irritation and pimples. Even the best skincare can't help.
You use facial utensils that should be replaced more regularly.
Washcloths that are in use for longer periods and razors that experience the beginning and end of the month are wonderful sources of impurities. Better change and wash more often so you wonder less about pimples!
You smoke too much, you drink too much, your skin is in impure air most of the day, you like to touch your face with your hands at work.
I think that explains itself :)
So, watch out for the skincare traffic! Try to pay attention to other sources of impurities in your everyday life, because good care can do a lot, but not everything for you.