Instantly improve your facial care by determining your skin type.

We show you how to recognize your skin type and find the right skincare to get an improved skin appearance.

How - is skin not the same?

Yes and no. That's why we do this skin analysis.

You might know this: you have a cleanser, a lotion, maybe even a serum - but your skin still doesn't want what you want.

It was no different for me. But I also didn't find the right selection of skincare products for me that satisfied me.

The skin on a woman's face is just not the same as the skin on a man's face.

It's a bit like hair: yes, hair is hair. Yet there are curls, straight hair, full hair, strong hair, thin hair, and more.

It's a similar story with skin.

The better the right facial care for the skin, the better the results. That sounds logical, doesn't it?

There are different ways to classify skin types. After the skin analysis you know which skin type you have:

Dry, sensitive skin

Normal skin

Combination skin

Oily skin

The skin analysis

It is easy to determine your skin type. Do your skin analysis at home rather than in a store in town. Depending on the time of day, the weather, and the season, you may get a distorted picture.

Of course, the most reliable skin analysis you can get from a dermatologist or a professional cosmetician. Experts are experts, and rightly so.

The oil and moisture level of the skin also depends on age. The older the skin gets, the drier it becomes - regardless of skin type. The drier the skin, the more likely it is to develop small wrinkles. The reverse is also true: the oilier the skin, the comparatively younger and fresher it appears as it ages.

The easiest thing to do is to sit in front of a well-lit mirror and check which of the statements below apply to you. First, clean your face with a gentle cleansing product, do not apply any skincare products, and wait a while.

But what skin type are you most likely to have? The answer is coming.

What applies to you? Don't worry if this results in a wild mix. Then you have combination skin! But more on that in a moment.

My forehead is even and smooth with slightly visible wrinkles.

My nose has no distinguishing features.

My cheeks show flaking, my skin is irritated, itchy and I feel some tension.

Around the mouth and lips, my skin is irritated and forms scales.

You have dry skin or sensitive skin. It is prone to irritation and gets irritated easily. It lacks oil and moisture. There is a lack of acid protection, which may lead to allergies and irritation.

My forehead is free of scaling, it is smooth and even.

My nose has a slight shine and few coarse pores.

My cheeks have a healthy color, are fine-pored and even.

There is nothing noticeable around the mouth and lips.

You have normal skin. This is extremely rare. Congratulations! Your sebaceous glands are working normally, your skin has good blood circulation, you rarely have blemishes, and your face is characterized by a matte surface and a soft and velvety skin feel.

My forehead is shiny, uneven, and has small bumps.

My nose has large pores, black spots (and possibly scattered pustules).

My cheeks are characterized by skin blemishes, black dots, and purulent white or yellowish dots.

Around the mouth and lips my skin quite oily and shiny.

You have oily skin and tend to have blemishes. Oily skin keeps young for a long time. So everything is good! You have increased sebum and sweat production. Your skin tends to have large pores and is therefore at increased risk of blackheads and pimples (men's skin is usually thicker than women's, so on principle has larger pores). You have an oily feeling on your forehead, chin, and nose.

... a mix of everything it says.

You have combination skin. This is not unusual. It requires coordinated care depending on the skin area. Some areas are rather oily while others seem rather dry.

The care

Now after your skin analysis it is called: Attack!

Everything else is quite simple: identify the characteristics that bother you, use the appropriate facial care, and bang, achieve better skin results.

But what is the right facial care for you?

I need care for dry skin:

Goal: Provide the skin with sufficient oil and moisture.

Increase the use of rich creams

In extreme cases, consult a dermatologist

I need care for normal skin:

Easy to care for, less time-consuming than for other skin types

Care becomes more important from the age of 35 with decreasing oil production and therefore lower moisture level of the skin

Use neutral to light moisturizers and, if necessary, additional moisture from 35 years onwards

Need care for oily skin:

Excessive sebum production leads to an oily feeling on the skin throughout the skin area

A thicker horny layer, typical for oily skin, can clog additional sebaceous glands and lead to unevenness

The goal is to de-grease the skin, regulate sebum production, refine pores and inhibit inflammation without drying out the skin

Avoid greasy and rich creams

Tip: Avoid smoking, as it further promotes sebum production

Need care for combination skin:

A mix of the symptoms described above leads to a mixed skin complexion

It is important to specifically degrease oily areas and provide more care for dry areas

Other special features of men:

Men's skin tends to be thicker than women's, therefore has larger pores and tends to produce more sebum

Regular wet shaving puts the skin under stress. Particularly sensitive facial skin has additional obstacles to overcome here

While alcohol tends to dry out the skin in women, it can be particularly helpful in cleansing products for men as it removes excess oil from the skin.

Did you get it all down?

Of course, we have a recommendation for every skin type.

Because that's exactly what we were looking for when we were working on new, modern face care for men.

Our FACE LOTION provides moisture without being greasy, keeps it in the skin for a long time, provides antioxidants for a cleaner complexion, refines pores, and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Except for very, very dry and very, very oily skin, our FACE LOTION is suitable for the majority of skin types, which is also confirmed by our customers. Specifics of individual skin types can be counteracted with our serums.

Our recommendations of care products for holistically suitable facial care:

Cleanse daily at least once in the evening with the FACE GEL to remove dandruff, dirt, and excess oil from the skin.

Depending on skin type, apply a serum before the main skincare product:

Dry and sensitive skin:

We recommend FACE SERUM Sensitive Skin, as it soothes the skin and counteracts any irritation and redness.

Oily skin:

We recommend FACE SERUM Purification, as it regulates excessive sebum production, cleanses and heals wounds, and inhibits existing inflammation.

Normal skin over 35 years:

We recommend FACE SERUM Hydration, as it balances and binds dwindling moisture in the skin, thus smoothing skin imperfections. In winter, FACE SERUM Sensitive Skin can rebalance skin that tends to be drier.

Combination skin:

A combination of the above serums can be helpful, depending on the area of the face.

For all skin types:

Our FACE LOTION, of course.